Career Opportunities in Nanaimo

Imagine Working in Nanaimo - Known for Stunning Natural Beauty, Great Food and Drink, and it's Central Location

Hike or bike with mountain views after work or on weekends, spend free-time fishing, camping or paddling in Nanaimo, as well as enjoying local restaurants, arts entertainment, and more! Nanaimo's central location makes it easy to get out of the city to indulge in your favourite outdoor activities.

With a population of ~170,000, Nanaimo is a medium-sized city, only a short trip via water or air to Vancouver (or by car to Victoria), and has a wide range of community, recreation, and shopping facilities. 

Nanaimo is attracting many professionals who want the conveniences of city life, along with easy access to recreational activities, and housing that is priced lower than in Greater Vancouver and Victoria.