Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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J.E. Anderson helps bring Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit from concept to reality

J.E. Anderson & Associates (JEA) is proud to be a part of the team that made the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit – a world-class resort and performance driving facility that recently opened in the Cowichan Valley – a reality.

The dedicated team at JEA’s Nanaimo office have spent more than two years on the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit project, initiated by Victoria-based German Auto Import Network (GAIN) Vancouver Island. The range of services that we provided were civil engineering for all storm water management and detention facilities, highway widening and access design, fire protection facilities, design of a 1.8-km water system, contract management, construction survey, property surveys, surface modeling, and preparation of all permit applications to District of North Cowichan, Island Health Authority, and Ministry of Transportation as they pertained to the civil servicing and as required by local bylaws and provincial statutes.

JEA provided initial site concepts to ensure that a 2-km road could be constructed on the site, so that GAIN could be assured that a track could fit on the property. We worked with world-class racetrack designers Tilke to ensure that the civil engineering coordinated with the track facility that they were designing. Last year, the project took JEA’s Jeff Tomlinson to Mexico City where Tilke was working on a track for a Formula 1 race.

The Cowichan Valley project had a few unique challenges to work through, but under the leadership of Chris Erb, SupErb Construction ensured that the team had focused milestones and expectations.

Jim Buchanan, P.Eng with JEA’s Nanaimo office worked tirelessly on the civil engineering of the project. Without his dedication to the project, the civil engineering designs and approvals would not have met GAIN’s objectives. He made sure that all of the details were considered prior to Triple T Construction beginning work on any of the civil components. In fact, the volume of civil engineering work required on this project and the tight time in which Buchanan completed the work had never been done before at JEA.

“I’m very proud of J.E. Anderson’s role in this project,” says Tomlinson. “Our team, which includes land surveyors and engineers, have enjoyed working with a highly skilled team led by SupErb Construction to facilitate building this world-class facility.”

A statement posted in a project update on Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s website says, “Jeff Tomlinson and his team at J.E. Anderson deserve a big thank you for the survey and engineering work at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. What a partnership of Canadian and German engineering to bring this project to completion.”

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, featuring a 3.5-acre dynamic driving area, is a private membership club and motorsports playground for performance driving enthusiasts, and Canada’s only year-round facility. Members have access to seven different track configurations. In addition to the 2.3-km road course built to FIA standards, there is a dynamic driving area for honing drivers’ reactive skills and a 1-km off-road proving ground.

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