Project Highlights

Project Highlights

At JEA we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

Cost Impact Analysis

At JEA we know how important it is for developers to be able to accurately anticipate the costs during the pre-development stage.

Any number of obstacles can arise and set a project back or require additional funding. These include rezoning, providing access, environmental issues, permits and impact fees. We can provide an assessment that weighs essential site selection factors, including hard and soft costs, a schedule and identify risk factors. By highlighting obstacles early on in the process, we can help save you time and money from the initial site selection straight through to regulatory approval.

Additionally, our experienced team of land surveyors and engineers can develop solutions to help clear some of these obstacles. We also offer long-established positive working relationships with regulatory agencies and local governments, allowing us to guide you knowledgeably and as quickly as possible through to approval of your development.

The team at J.E. Anderson prides ourselves on confidential and sound due diligence assistance, and strong communication with our clients. On behalf of our clients, we thoroughly investigate development construction opportunities and servicing requirements, and always strive to find solutions that are both cost-effective and can be delivered within the required timeframe.

Our long and successful history on Vancouver Island is in part due to our abilities to find creative solutions for our clients to ensure they meet their goals and objectives. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


Cost Impact Analysis Services

  • An assessment of pre- and post-installation of riparian plants
  • Monitoring reports ensuring compliance with provincial and municipal regulations
    • Cost-effective onsite solutions provided in an expedient fashion
    • Oversight of implementation of environmental designs to avoid costly errors
    • Construction monitoring for work taking place close to environmentally sensitive areas, including watercourses and wildlife habitat