Project Highlights

Project Highlights

At JEA we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.


Our clients know our door is always open – we are delighted that many feel comfortable enough to drop in and see us unannounced.

As a developer, your top priority is return on investment — from site selection through initial design and final construction. Maximizing the value of your property starts with quality design, timely permitting, exceptional follow-through, and an experienced team to quickly address any challenges that may arise, such as environmental, transportation or topography factors.

We provide both the experience and expertise in effective problem solving to come up with solutions to ensure the developer’s goals are still being met, in addition to addressing any concerns the municipality may have so that that permits can be issued without delay.

J.E. Anderson has earned a stellar reputation over the last six decades, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate the value we bring to every project in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

We believe communication is paramount and our clients say they appreciate our attentiveness in initiating and following up.

Planning Services

  • Servicing feasibility studies in support of land acquisition investigations
  • Preliminary engineering studies in support of planning applications
  • In-depth design of subdivision and site plan infrastructure and grading
  • Stormwater management studies and design
  • Contract administration and site services for residents
  • Project management services
  • Group engineering services