Land Surveying

Our team of surveyors go above and beyond field measurements and data analysis to add value to each project we work on.

Cadastral (Legal) Surveys

Construction Surveys

Topographic Site Surveys

Volumetric Surveys

Monitoring Surveys

Whether optimizing lot layouts or clarifying our clients’ instructions and rights through the development process, we always take the time to sit down with clients to determine goals and priorities, then find strategic ways to maximize results.

Our long-term relationships with government agencies that are an inevitable part of any land development project have consistently benefited the clients we represent. Thanks to our good rapport and years of experience, we can complete projects more efficiently and with better results.

Our surveying team gathers on-site information through the use of modern and up-to-date surveying tools, drones and computers to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Our topographic survey services include field investigations of natural features, which may consist of watercourses, tree surveys, elevations, establishing of natural boundaries, inventory of existing buildings or building foundations on site, cross-sectioning of intersections and roads, and consultation and management services.

Additionally, we offer surveying services for buildings and bare land stratas, building location surveys, and consultation and management services. Our team of land surveyors work collectively with planners to achieve the most efficient concept for subdivision plans, ensuring maximum benefits for the client.

Our experienced land survey team can prepare and file a variety of plans, which may include right-of-way, covenant, easement, road dedication, subdivision and consolidation plans relating to land development, at the Land Title Office.