Legal Surveying

Our team of surveyors go above and beyond field measurements and data analysis to add value to each project we work on. Whether optimizing lot layouts or clarifying our clients’ instructions and rights through the development process, we always take the time to sit down with clients to determine goals and priorities, then find strategic ways to maximize results.

Our long-term relationships with government agencies that are an inevitable part of any land development project, have consistently benefited the clients we represent. Thanks to our good rapport and years of experience, we can complete projects more efficiently and with better results.

Cadastral Surveys

  • Subdivisions
  • Strata plans (building and bare land)
  • Rights of way, easements, covenants
  • Architectural site surveys
  • Lease surveys
  • Crown Land surveys (foreshore and upland)
  • Boundary retracement surveys and repostings

Construction Surveys

  • Building location certificates for municipal purposes and mortgage purposes
  • Construction layout for residential and commercial construction
  • Municipal height surveys
  • Property line surveys for construction or boundary dispute issues

Other Surveys

  • Topographic surveys for site planning and building design
  • GPS surveys for air photo and mapping control
  • Monitoring surveys