Cadastral Surveys

JEAs’ land survey team provides expert advice and guidance throughout any project from planning and application stages through to legal plan registration.

A cadastral survey identifies and maps property ownership lines based on the location of the property corners of a parcel of land as described in a deed.

This type of survey is strongly recommended before buying, subdividing or altering a parcel of land because it assures you that your development is being built within your legal property boundaries. This can also resolve any property line disputes with neighbours, sometimes before they become an issue.

We take great pride in our highly experienced professional surveying team and the work they perform, both in the field and office, on behalf of our clients.

Types of Cadastral Survey Projects

  • Subdivisions
  • Strata plans (building and bare land)
  • Rights of way, easements, covenants
  • Architectural site surveys
  • Crown Land surveys (foreshore and upland)
  • Boundary retracement surveys and repostings
  • Lease surveys