Project Highlights

Project Highlights

At JEA we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

A Wide Range of Construction Surveys

Building location certificates for municipal purposes and mortgage purposes
Municipal height surveys
Construction layout for residential and commercial construction
Property line surveys for construction or boundary dispute issues

New Commercial & Residential Building Surveying Services

Layout for excavation purposes
Layout the foundation to ensure proper front, rear and side yard set-backs are met.
After the concrete foundation is poured municipalities require a Building Location Certificate
The Building Location Certificate may also be used for financing and mortgage purposes

Residential & Commercial Construction Layout

Through strong communication with our clients, we develop the best approach to improve overall project efficiency.

We are adaptable and normally work on a great variety of projects from large subdivisions and condominium complexes to marinas and resorts. Some of these projects are multi-phase, spanning several months or years.
JEA provides comprehensive construction surveying services for a wide array of projects including residential, commercial, industrial, and high-rise construction.

We offer a great variety of layout surveys, including precise grid line layout for large complex building projects, residential housing, municipal services, industrial and marine projects.
JEA is known for providing precise layout services on time that are customized to meet the client’s needs.

You can count on our experienced field crews and office personnel to be reliable and knowledgeable regarding all phases of construction surveying.

Types of Construction Layouts We Provide

Building Layouts
Road Construction
Drainage and Utilities
Industrial Sites
Commercial Properties

Municipal Heights Surveys

Municipal height surveys are required in some municipalities to verify that the peak of the roof does not exceed a certain height.
The height is based on the elevation difference between the ground prior to excavation and construction, and the peak of the roof.
By doing this survey during the construction process, it allows for correction before construction is complete.

Property Line Surveys

Property line surveys are used for construction or boundary dispute issues.

Landowners use property boundaries as a means of identifying whether a piece of land or structure is legally positioned inside their property lines.
If building an additional structure to their property or erecting a fence, it can save a lot of headaches and expense to ensure one’s property lines are accurate.

Boundary surveys clearly mark your property boundaries and must be performed by a professional land surveyor.
This complex survey involves analyzing data taken from many sources, from evidence in the field to archived survey plans to help determine the location of boundaries.

These surveys are done for a variety of reasons for residential, commercial and industrial properties.


Lot Development
Pre-Construction & Expansion
Future Planning
Fence Construction or Re-Construction
Deck Construction

Commercial &

Lot Development
Future Planning
Pre-Construction & Expansion
Fence Construction or Re-Construction