Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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Surveying a Historic Park and Festival Venue

Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park

Surveyors in J.E. Anderson & Associates’ Campbell River office recently worked with Comox Valley Economic Development and Tourism and the Town of Comox to create a site survey of Filberg Park to help with planning festivals held there during the spring and summer months.

The beautiful 4-acre oceanside park near downtown Comox is home to the Filberg Heritage Lodge, an “arts and crafts” style building built by skilled craftsmen using a lot of stone and timber during the 1930s.

Each BC Day long weekend the park is home to the popular Filberg Festival featuring a market filled with works by artisans and craftspeople, as well as two stages with live music performances scheduled throughout the day.  The park is also home to the BC Seafood festival and numerous weddings and gatherings through the summer months.

A complete site survey of Filberg Park had never been completed before, and this survey is a critical tool to help with festival planning, event layout and logistics.

“The site has many small buildings, gullies, pathways and significant trees. We had to identify the site characteristics which were most important in assisting with festival planning and ignore items which were not necessary,” said Colin Burridge, senior surveyor and manager of J.E. Anderson’s Campbell River office.

This was a different type of survey than legal surveys because it concentrates on topographic details, improvements, drainage and site characteristics related to the layout of ticket booths, kitchen tents, dining tents, temporary booths, concert tenting and temporary infrastructure needed for the festivals.

The Filberg Historic Park Site Survey

While creating cadastral and construction surveys is much more common, Burridge added that land surveyors can find themselves working on a wide variety of interesting projects and that’s one of the things that keeps work interesting in this profession.

Burridge has also been asked to work on the layout for the BC Seafood Festival, June 7 – 16 in Filberg Park, which is expected to draw seafood lovers from across North America to the Comox Valley.